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Hosted by the University of British Columbia, Okanagan  

January 20th – January 22nd

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About Us

The Western Engineering Competition is the flagship undergraduate engineering conference hosted in Western Canada, bringing together teams representing ten applied science institutions for a unique three day experience. Participants compete in eight event categories, during which students are challenged to adapt and apply the technical and professional skills drawn from their degree program. The competition highlights the diversity and versatility of the engineering profession, with competitors specializing in a spectrum of distinct disciplines. Each challenge is adjudicated by industry and academic leaders, and triumphant teams will qualify for the Canadian Engineering Competition. Contestants are provided the opportunity to compete in the following fast-paced and hands-on events. This year WEC will be held virtually using zoom.

Future World - Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Future World. The core theme of Western Engineering Competition. This conference will embody the bold and passionate vibrancy the Okanagan is known for. Kelowna is quickly developing as a leading hub of technology and startup culture, where powerful networks connect potential with opportunity. Given that the region is centered on sustainable development and attracting tremendous investment, Western Engineering Competition will capitalize on this foundation of innovation and entrepreneurship to offer new possibilities to delegates. The Okanagan Campus is rapidly growing and perfectly suited for the competitions, with a forward thinking faulty of brilliant academics and educators readily available to support the event. Our community partners, including local tech incubator Accelerate Okanagan, provide a wealth of industry contacts well versed in the attributes required for the success of innovators and entrepreneurs.

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